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—It’s been 10 years since your formation. Looking back on these 10 years, how do you feel?

Shou: We were a band that teamed together saying, “Let’s do it because it’s interesting,” not deciding at all what kind of music to make. But through trial and error we grew from infants to adults, and I think that represents life itself.

Tora: There’s a feeling that it began at last. Do I want to be in a band ending after 10 years or a band that’s starting after 10 years? Definitely the latter.

Hiroto: In the past I only felt discontent, but right now in this world even those challenges are fun, and I’m glad to have continued this band with all my strength.

Saga: It would be great if we can continue like this for 20 or 30 years.

*Nao wasn’t present in this interview :(
full translation can be found here (x) thanks to the translator!

(Source: downtown-tokyo)

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